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I'm playing Blue Dragon for the 360 at the moment. Same director as for the Final Fantasy 1-10 games, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and the same guy (N. Uematsu) who did the music for the Final Fantasy game (1-10). I'm a little dissapointed, it's to much manga for me. The voices are not that good (I'm playing with english voices), but the soundtrack is awsome. The gameplay is a bit to repetetive, but it's fun to play in small doses a day
It's much easier compared to it's big brothers Final Fantasy 6 and 7... It's more about exploring and finding treausres rather than preparing for the next boss. For example, there was a boss in a ghost swamp. I prepared like hell for this guy, since the monsters in the forest were pretty tough. However, after 2 rounds (8 hits) they boss was dead. So a little too easy.

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