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Default Looking for a DOS game from the 80s

For the past couple of years I have been looking for an old DOS game from the late 80s. I didn't have a sound card at that time, but the game supported audio via the pc speaker.

It's about a prisoner having to escape from a mental hospital. There are at least four floors with a lot of rooms and cells. There are guards patroling in the halls, and there are sometimes screams from the other prisoners.
Initially, iirc, the character was locked up in a cell, and there was a syringe under the bed or in a wastebasket that had to be used on the guard. Some rooms could only be accessed walking on the cornice. I vaguely remember escaping through a window into a trash bin, but didn't manage to go on from there.

I found some old drawings I did of the building, but unfortunately I didn't write down the name of the game. A friend of mine said it was something with "outbreak" or "break out".

Anyone remember the name of that game, or is it too old for todays gamers?
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