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IX is probably my favorite yet after playing FFVII-FFX-2. I believe it's the game that have the most developed main characters, the best music, and some of the best minigames (although I completely skipped the cardgame in IX, the one in VIII was so much more fun and rewarding to play). The game mechanics are also the best except for XII. I do not see at all why you would have to be a kid to enjoy it. Im 30 and FFIX made me both laugh and cry all the time.

So far I believe VIII have the most rewarding story, it's only weakness is the draw/junction system. While it was great for it's time, the only advantage VII have over the rest of the series for me is the large character gallery and how well it managed to expand the story for most of them including the villians. It is a great game, but the rest of the series have qualities that do pass part VII. X & X-2 are excellent FF games, just not as great as the rest.
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