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Originally Posted by Endosanity View Post
I kept following this movie but due to funding issues it seems to have just... stopped, but nothing saying it's been cancelled:

Worst Case Scenario Trailer 1

And then to make things worse, I was teased with this:

Worst Case Scenario CGI-Promo

Then... no new news.

Another movie that was cancelled I had high hopes for was Circling the Drain. Sure, it was an indie film but it seemed head and shoulders above others and then it was just... cancelled. Read that nobody got along, money ran out, so on and so fourth but the trailers made the movie look damn good.
Being a HUGE zombie fan this got me interested. First ive heard of this film. However, if you go to the main website they just updated the news section only one week ago. Go check it out... the movie isnt dead, they just got huge delays. Thanks for giving me some insight to this movie ill def be waiting for this to come out.
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