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Originally Posted by Jeysie View Post
Hmm. I would disagree with that. One of the things I like about Asimov's whole Robot/Foundation series is that it blends hard and soft SF quite well; it shows the effect of hard speculative science on future society. (Nightfall does this as well.) He's also quite good at crafting enjoyable characters.

I will agree that anyone who doesn't actually *read* the books (like, say, the average Hollywood exec) might get the wrong impression, though.
I agree with Liz that on all points re: his books. But as a screen-play? Naw, it's got'a change quite a bit to be a decent film.

That said, I totally hate the recent hollow-wood attempt. They could have done better than take the name and apply it to a screen play that bears little resemblance (if any) to the written work. Imeancomeonnow!

But then, we all saw this coming since Starship Troopers.
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