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Originally Posted by Davies View Post
Probably they reckoned Asimov's actual robot stories don't have enough action or human interest. He is (was) on the very hard side of "hard" science fiction. Which, before anyone squawks, is not a complaint. I like hard science fiction.
Hmm. I would disagree with that. One of the things I like about Asimov's whole Robot/Foundation series is that it blends hard and soft SF quite well; it shows the effect of hard speculative science on future society. (Nightfall does this as well.) He's also quite good at crafting enjoyable characters.

I will agree that anyone who doesn't actually *read* the books (like, say, the average Hollywood exec) might get the wrong impression, though.

Originally Posted by Davies View Post
I never knew Harlan Ellison wrote a screenplay based on the robot stories. Now, that would be something worth seeing!
Why not pick up your own copy, then? Look for "I, Robot: The Illustrated Screenplay" by Harlan Ellison.

(I did have an Amazon link, but for some reason the forum keeps changing and screwing up the link. Why is this? )

Originally Posted by Davies View Post
As far as movies that ought to be made, I think a film of the comic/graphic novel The New Statesmen would be outstanding. Especially now that computerised special effects are up to the task.
If we're going to go into that territory, then I vote for Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

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