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My thoughts went to Interactive Fiction (aka text adventures). Except for the commands in infinitive, they fit pretty good.

One game that came to mind was A Bear's Night Out, about which its author writes:

Originally Posted by David Dyte
During its lifetime, this game has found itself on a cover CD of Mac User, been used in classrooms as an educational aid, been recommended as a gift for blind children, been translated into German, and won 5th place in the IF Competition and a 1997 Xyzzy Award for Best Setting.
But I suspect 14 year olds may think they are too old for a game about a teddy bear. Maybe a superhero game is better? Or maybe Conan Kill Everything? (That one uses pretty easy English, and it's funny.)

(To play these games, you'll need an interpreter program, or "terp". If you're using a Mac I suggest Spatterlight. On Windows, you can try Gargoyle or Windows Frotz.)
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