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Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
I would have loved to have seen this version TLOTR, especially if it would have meant we wouldn't have to be subjected to Jackson's snooze-fests.

Along similar lines, I would have liked to see Alejandro Jodorowsky's version of Dune.
Interesting. I would like to see Jackson do Dune. That said:

Wow, Giger and Mobious on art, Pink Floyd on music? Savador Dali as a scatological Emporer, Charlotte Rampling as Jessica?

The story boards influenced Star Wars? Giger and Mobious went to Alien with their visions? The screenplay writer later went to write Alien?

Does anyone know what hear M├ętal Hurlant 107 (the issue this was in) was published?

At any rate, as much as I would be interested to see Jodorowsky's version, I don't agree with his contention that he could make so many changes.

I felt in enthusiastic admiration towards Herbert and at the same time in conflict (I think that the same thing occurred to him)... He obstructed me... I did not want him as a technical adviser
Technical adviser? Such arrogance!
People don't wear enough hats.

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