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Default What levels of English are you thinking about?


Aged fourteen and above is the general age group we're talking about. As for the level of English - from beginner to advanced.

The majority of English language software generally consists of rather dull VB style forms: Fill in the blanks, Odd one out, matching exercises etc

A short humorous adventure game with an emphasis on language rather than graphics; including some interesting descriptions would be a boon.

Ideally it wouldn't use infinitive sawn-off commands like "get pen" or "eat food". A Multiple choice menu such as the following would be preferable:

Should you................

(a) Accept the dwarf's invitation for a drink at his local tavern
(b) Politely refuse his request and continue searching for your kidnapped hamster
(c) Compliment the dwarf on his shiny axe

Any further suggestions would be most appreciated.
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