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Default Movies never made/canceled/butchered in editing

Seeing how the other movie threads are quite popular I thought this might be an interesting topic not addressed there.

If you had a magic wand and could magically resurrect films that were planned but never finished, which ones would you choose? What canceled movies would you like to be able to see? Which films that were cut down by studio interference and the ravages of time would you like to see restored to their original length? Conversely, which unmade films are you glad ultimately got the axe?

I'll start off with an example of the latter category.

John Boorman (who made Deliverance, Excalibur, and, oh yes, Zardoz) and his version of The Lord of the Rings.

I've never seen any of Boorman's films, unfortunately. My judgment here is based on various descriptions of his LOTR script alone.

But from all I've heard Boorman's Lord of the Rings would have had almost nothing to do with the story in Tolkien's work. It would have been one film, as opposed to Peter Jackson's three, and would have featured some major alterations.

Take, for example, the idea of Frodo having sex with Galadriel.

Or Aragorn marrying Eowyn.

Or the scene where, to get through the gates of Moria, Gandalf digs a hole, throws Gimli into it, tosses a blanket on top of him, and beats him up until the Dwarf's "ancestral memory" of the password surfaces.

Or the thirteen-year-old Arwen lying on top of a naked Frodo as she removes the Morgul-blade from his shoulder.

Or the point shortly after the hobbits leave the Shire when they find some mushrooms in a field, eat them, and go on an acid trip.

Or Gandalf using his magic to entomb the Fellowship in a glacier and float them down a river to avoid a party of Saruman's Wargs.

Follow the links for more insanity.

Anyways, Boorman wanted to make this film at United Artists, but he never got the say-so and went on to Excalibur instead. Which is good, as now we have Peter Jackson's films to watch. For anyone who challenges Jackson's fidelity to the source material, I submit the links above for their edification.
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