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Originally Posted by MoriartyL View Post
The story is worthless and it's not trying very hard to be scary. The value of the game comes from the diversity of approaches to its levels. No two parts of the game are quite the same, which makes the whole experience fresh from start to finish.
That's what I hated about it, the lack of consistency. The environment was great in the beginning, with the run-down rural landscape with scattered villages and sheds. Then suddenly it broke off and you were running around in a medieval castle filled over the edge with extreme richness, a lava filled cellar, a working internal subwaysystem and huge walking robot. My mind snapped there and I had completely lost the immersion I had to the game, not to mention how misplaced the merchant system felt.

Had I been an art director for Resident Evil 4, I would have replaced the castle with a small mining town instead, traveling from the las plagas infected village in the beginning into more and more civilization except that everyone is still infected with the parasites.

Originally Posted by MoriartyL View Post
It sounds to me like you have a tough time getting over your preconceptions. You're trying to enjoy Metroid Prime like a standard FPS, and you're trying to enjoy Resident Evil 4 like the previous Resident Evil games. But you haven't played games like these before, because they're pretty unique. So if you don't have an open mind with them, if you don't wait to see what they are rather than judging them by what you think they should be, you don't even have a chance of enjoying them!
I did not feel RE4 was anything really new or unique. Look at a game like Psi-Ops which follows a similiar design to RE4 when it comes to how areas are put together and how you aim and shoot. That was an innovative game, the story was not spectacular but it was consistent with some nice twists and the mechanics was quite different.
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