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I played the first level of Metroid Prime. It reminds me alot about Halo. Halo was recommended by fans of XBox but when I played it it was a quite ordinary and not that spectacular FPS. Metroid Prime was recommended by GameCube fans and when I played it... well, the same. I turned it off after half an hour without even bothering to save the game.

Resident Evil 4 is as far as I concern overrated. It's not scary and the game is inconsistent jumping between areas that simply makes no sense which distance me from the story.

Having said that, I am amazed none in the thread have mentioned Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Remake yet. The remake is really one of the finest horror games ever made. It's a gamecube exclusive and it's worth buying a gamecube for that game alone for a horror fan. Resident Evil 0 is also quite good.

Another game to look for is Eternal Darkness, inspired by the cthulhu mythos. That's a real gem that scored 90-95% average among the leading internet sites. It's a game you never forget. The gameplay is insane, literaly. It's difficult to sum up how much wierd stuff is pumped into that disc. The character grows more and more insane the further you get into the game, which leads to more and more wierd effects that simply mess with the players brain. Insanity makes you hear whispers, cries, noises, the cameraview is messed up, and you even get faked errors such as corrupt TV set, broken gamecube or when you try to save you get the disclaimer "Do you wish to delete all save files" with the options "Yes" and "Continue without saving", everything to mess with your brain.
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