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First: Here are IGN and Gamespy's Top 25 or top 20 Gamecube games ever:

OK, with that out of the way, is it worth getting a gamecube. Well, at this point of time, only if you don't intend to buy a Wii or if you keep your consoles and collect them.

I have not bought a Nintendo console (Aside from portables) since the SNES and recently with the Wii. Several months before I purchased the Wii, a friend of mine wanted a Nintendo DS badly and didn't have money. I figured I could buy it for him but trade me the Gamecube and games and he was cool with it.

Present Time: As mentioned on the Wii thread, I haven't played the Wii except Wii sports. Not many games interest me right now and for what I use it for..Wii boxing for working out or Wii Sports/Play for party games when friends are over. Also, for buying Virtual Console games that I don't really play.

So, I decided to look at those top 25 games list and because there are major sales on PS2, XBOX and Gamecube games at the stores, I figured that I could easily purchase many of those games on the top 25 without breaking the bank.

Needless to say that I found some cool games, quite a few not on the list. For example, I am enjoying the Naruto fighting games.

As for the Gamecube, it's collecting dust. All games and the Gamecube controllers, I'm playing on my Wii.

Now, if you can find a Gamecube cheap and don't intend to buy a Wii, it's up to you. You'll find a few (or a lot of) games that might entertain you.

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