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Not like them!
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That's funny- I have Twilight Princess and RE4 for Gamecube. (I would recommend both.) I'm sort of annoyed about Super Paper Mario- they originally said it would be for Gamecube, and then tacked on some motion control gimmicks to justify the move to Wii. Still, it does mean that I'm going to have to eventually find a Wii to play it. Blah.

If I may rant a little, I'm very disappointed in how little they've done with the motion controls so far- it seems like all the good games (with the exception of Wii Sports) could have worked with ordinary controls. Even Super Mario Galaxy (which is sure to be amazing, since it's made by the same team as DK: Jungle Beat) looks like it doesn't really need the motion controls they've given it. The only hardcore game coming up which seems significantly better for the motion controls is Metroid Prime 3 (which looks very disappointing to me), and I'm sure that won't be much better than a mouse-and-keyboard interface. And on the casual game side, Nintendo seems to already have gotten bored with the remote, seeing as how the game they're promoting most right now (Wii Fit) uses an entirely different controller!

Okay, I'm done now. Get a Wii, if you like.
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