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Originally Posted by Lucien21 View Post
Ok SMS isn't the greatest game however Pikmin 2 is widely regarded to be a better game than the original. (Check almost any review site)
They're wrong. The first Pikmin, as I said, was a classic. And the second was a chore to play. The first was carefully crafted and the second had a lot of randomness. The story of the first is more charming. I would hesitate in recommending the second game even to someone who'd already played the first, but I'd certainly never recommend it to someone who hadn't.

Originally Posted by Spiwak View Post
I'd also like to add a disclaimer to my GC : Wii :: GBA : DS analogy from before. There's a big difference between the DS and the Wii, in that the DS at this point has more awesome games than the Wii has games. Whereas the DS has proven to be a tried and true gaming staple this generation the Wii still has to sort of prove that, but things look good for the future when the novelty inevitably wears off. There will be way more third party games and exclusives this generation around, and of course Nintendo games will always rock the pants off anything else.
But why wait a few years for games, when you can get good games right now?

Oh, and Lucien's not wrong: You should get Beyond Good & Evil for whatever platform if you haven't already.

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