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Originally Posted by AFGNCAAP View Post

Ridley Scott gives you the Blade Runner: The Final Cut, coming this December on HD DVD, Blu-ray, and three different DVD editions including rather breathtaking "ultimate" 5-disc edition with all the existing cuts of the film:

Madness. I want one, and I haven't even seen Blade Runner, so I can only imagine how ecstatic fans of the movie are. (Details.)

And on my beloved Branagh's Hamlet front, it seems it will meet the most recent release date, August 17. (official press release) In America. Who was the genius who invented the DVD regions again?
My god that looks pretty. I've only seen the "Director's Cut" and thought it was pretty good (not great), but I'd like to see this new cut. If this big box isn't too expensive I might just get it.

Also, I'm glad somebody said Hamlet. Right now it's my Desirable Number 2, right behind Inland Empire which comes out on the same day from what I understand. A couple Criterions are also dangling in my face, which I haven't yet bought because of the necessary funds. These are: the new release of The Third Man, Lindsay Anderson's If..., and the Teshigahara box set. Woman in the Dunes had a big impact on me when I was first getting into "film," so I have to see that in a glorious Criterion well as discover the other two Teshigahara films!
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