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Originally Posted by Lucien21 View Post
If you had the money I would say to buy a Wii as all the gamecube games are backwardly compatible.

There are a few decent games on the Gamecube

Metroid Prime 1 & 2 - Great FPS with some puzzles.
Zelda Wind Waker - Some people hate the cell shaded characters. I loved it.
Eternal Darkness - Creepy
Mario Sunshine - not the best Mario game.
Ikaruga - possibly the best vertical shooter of all time. Bloody hard though.
Resident Evil 4 - Superb.
Pikmin 2 - Cute and weird.
Paper Mario 1000 year door - Mario RPG.
Beyond Good and Evil - Lucasarts style action game.
That is a very strange list. Super Mario Sunshine is not a good reason to get the Gamecube, Beyond Good & Evil and Resident Evil 4 are multiplatform (including PS2), and Pikmin 2 is nowhere near as good as the first Pikmin (which is wonderful).

Whether or not it's worth getting a Gamecube depends on whether you like Nintendo games. If you like exploring (a la Myst) and don't mind fighting, the two Metroid Primes are must-haves. If you like Zelda games, there are three available for Gamecube, including a very neat multiplayer one (but which you probably wouldn't have the equipment to play). If you like Nintendo's more casual style of videogames, Animal Crossing is a lovely little distraction. On the other extreme, F-Zero GX is incredibly challenging, which is good if (like me) you find that sort of thing satisfying. Pikmin and Chibi Robo are classics, if you can tolerate the incredibly cutesy styles. (I'd also repeat Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, which is wonderful, but you probably wouldn't want to buy the special controller if you're looking to get stuff cheap.) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is hilarious and clever.

So yeah, there's plenty of good reasons to get a Gamecube. But if you don't like Nintendo games, don't bother.
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