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I'm 22 hours into "Ar Tonelico" and wow... a very fun game that draws you in (especially if you are an anime fan). Now, things get a bit tough but how difficult the game is depends on your skills as an RPG player.

For me, I'm a person who will fight and build my character for hours, accrue a lot of money and fill up on healing items. So, further in the game, I can say that if I didn't do this...I would have been restarting over and over.

I beat the second phase and the credits rolled and I was like..whoah! Ended in a cliff hanger but lo and behold, after the credits are over it gives you a chance to end the game and get an ending or to play phase 3 (third chapter). And I'm on that right now...

As mentioned before, there is some ecchi (perverted) humor in this game, especially as the female reyvateils vie for the main character (Lynart) but nothing to nasty. Although, I found it interesting that one of the reyvateils (think white mage and black mage as one) has one uniform that is her best and for some reason it's her wearing a towel. Perverted developers. Hehe..

Nevertheless, the story is enjoyable. I think you will enjoy it. Again, it's easy..but maybe it's easy for me because I enjoy RPG games and I'll build and build for hours. But I definitely recommend checking it out!

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