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I thouhgt Wedding Crashers was a pretty OK movie. I mean it is NOT rocket science or an art film or anything similar to that,m but it is a rather decent movie about two bachelors' troubles in how to find love. And I just took it for what is was, a feel good movie....

Another feel good movie that also is of very high quality is : A good year.
Russel Crowe stars as London broker who inherits a vine chateau in France. See it - if not for anything else, than for the most intelligently crafted out plot twists in the movie...

I also just have seen *children of men* . I didn't like this movie much, although I hear the book should be better . As you probably know, the
plot is about the women being infertile. However, the movie was one long action movie, it seems, at least to me, and the clever political satire (or comment?) that is should have been.

I also saw the movie 'babel'. I got a splitting headche from watching it. But after having walked this, it dawned on me: The movie's narrative was used in telling us that we're all part of same world, we all share the web, and that we all connected. I won't spoil the movie much for you, but the movie connects Japan, somewhere in a 3rd world country, and US/Mexico in the most intelligent way I have seen done in a movie. See this movie, please
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