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[Edit - Quick warning: the spoilers contain some personal stuff, too (might not be your cuppa).]

So now I too have finally seen the fabled Requiem For A Dream.

Ugly. I mean that in a mostly positive way. I find it's too long (yes, I realise it's not a "long movie" - but it'd have been better suited for a short)... by about three quarters.

I didn't give a crap for the three young 'uns, they had each other until they threw it away, so that part of the movie literally annoyed me, because I was rooting for them to die a death already and let me focus on the remaining story.

That, in turn, has shattered me to the point of deepest worry for my mum. Not now - she's fine, and one of the most optimistic people I know. But she is lonely. She's got no man to keep her company, and her ambitious daughter is ought having a great live a few klicks away. She's fine as long as she has a cat, but damn...

Daring Hypothesis: I find Requiem For A Dream has nothing to do with drugs. I mean, obviously it has something to do with them, but this is not a movie that's changed my perception of them, and I don't believe that's the point. I feel the point is loneliness. Each and every one of the characters ends up being alone. But only one of them started their trek lonely... and that's the old lady. She's not got much of a choice in the matter. That's why I care about her, and not an inkling for any of the others.

Anyway... I'm just worried sick now and I can only hope that it'll pass. Unlike the sad excuse for a son in the movie, I frequently willingly contact my mum and we get along great. So there's really nothing that should cause me to worry... but I know she's lonely (she refuses to admit it, though), and this movie has just made me deathly afraid of anyone around me being neglected by the only person they have intimate contact with.

(Which is me being cruel to myself, since I'm the last person to ditch a friend in need.)

Thus, I fall into the category of people who can honestly say, "Christ, this movie ruined my day."

I say that with deepest respect.

And yet, I wouldn't recommend this movie to a soul.

Edit #2 - I feel much better now, fortunately. So, apologies if I had set anyone off worrying about silly ol' me.
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