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Originally Posted by marshal99 View Post
Sorry to say , never played Grandia , Vangrant story or Xenogears.

Wanted to try Grandia in the past but never really did it. They were made by the people behind the Lunar series so i wanted to try it after playing the fabulous lunar games.

One of these days , i'll definitely get it but for now , not yet.
I enjoy "Grandia"...Well Grandia II is cool and you can find this cheap. Actually the first two Grandia (Grandia II and Grandia Type F I believe it's called...) games on the PS2, you can find under $20 (used) with only Grandia III currently at $26.99 used.

"Vagrant Story" and "Xenogears" is very cool but I hope they re-release these games for the PSP enhanced (not just downloadable) from the store.

Now "Xenosaga" 1-3 are cool but not the best.
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