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Originally Posted by TiAgUh View Post
Ar Tonelico seams cool .. .. how is the story going so far? any good?
Played for a few hours Arc the Lad and it was ok ..
I would like to try Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne but the no voice thing really sucks .. but playing as Dante from DevilMayCry would be pretty awesome
I played Riviera for GBA and it was ok 2 ..
Nobody at least tried Breath of Fire 5? if so, how is it?
A reply to the post...

"Shin Megami Tensei" games are good because they are dark and modern. My favorite are the "Persona" games. If you can find "Persona 2" for the original Playstation, go for it. But "Persona 3" comes out next Tuesday. Was supposed to come out this Tuesday but the art book had problems, so next week it will be released. Now, here's the thing... not sure how many places will get these because of the new pre-order rules that software game companies have (before they would send many copies because employees could pre-order but now a store can only pre-order so many games per month for their employees). So, "Persona 3"... I think this is a case where pre-ordering is important because stores don't order too many of these type of games.

As for "Riviera", it came out on GBA but it was re-released on the PSP last week as an enhanced game with voice, choice to select Japanese or English voice and much more.

I have not played a "Breath of Fire" game since the old Playstation days.

Literally what I'm doing now is trying to find and purchase all NIS America/Gust and Atlus RPG games on the PS2 and a few on the PSP and DS. Talk about expensive.

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