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It's a very cool game and I'm now about 10 hours into it. It will be very different than any Japanese RPG game that you have played because it's an RPG game that incorporates:

a. alchemy aka grathmelding (where RPG's you level up, earn money and find better weapons, clothing and accesories), you meld things together that you get after beating an opponent(s)

b. Then there is the Japanese dating simulation aka DIVING. Not a major in-depth dating simulation like other Japanese games but nevertheless, a unique way of enjoying the storyline. The game introduces "Reyvateils". These are women who have the power to sing and each song can either heal or cause destruction. For the main character Lyner, he meets two Reyvateils. Misha, someone from his past who he doesn't remember and Aurica, a D-grade Reyvateil who has no confidence in her skills. Aside from the main RPG story, you have to develop your relations with these two young women. Try to talk with them, boost their confidence and along the way have these Reyvateils develop awesome healing and destructive abilities.

c. Insertion - This is going to be interesting because it seems like a sexual way of a Reyvateil and a human to bond. But it's not. Basically, in past RPG' can incorporate certain accessories or jewels to enhance a weapon. Same thing with insertion...but in "Ar Tonelico", the dialogue sounds kinky ie. "You need to insert your crystal into my (Forgot what she calls it)", "I heard it hurts when you push it in", "We don't have to do it, unless you're ready...", "I want you to be my first" get the picture. But mainly insertion is inserting a certain type of crystal which allows you to combine abilities to the crystal that has been inserted to the Reyvateil. As for the, it's not anywhere kinky.

d. No traveling. No walking long distance to get from place to place. You have a map and in the map are locations where you battle and you can transfer from place to place after you conquer that area. This allows you to enter a village easily by just clicking on that village or forest on the map and easily get some business done.

Fortunately random battles are not as bad as some RPG's but in "Ar Tonelico", you can easily escape a battle and choose not to fight. But in this case of the game, you want to fight most of the time to earn money to buy things for grathmelding, earn DP points which are needed when you DIVE and building a reyvateil's confidence.

As for the RPG storyline, it's very well done. It's touching, it's hilarious and you can enjoy it both in English or in Japanese which is great.

"Ar Tonelico" is a very good game that I think you will love. Unless you want a challenging RPG.

But what are the main negatives?

a. Easy - Easy because Reyvateils are very powerful. You'll have tough enemies but you can have a Reyvateil do an amazing killer offensive mood and build it and then unleash during battle. Although, your characters can die in battle, after you win the battle, everyone's HP is back to full.

b. Save points are easy to find.

There are many characters to meet and will join your party. Something I enjoyed about the old "Suikoden" games.

The game and music is beautiful and I'm so stoked to see both languages offered as a choice.

The game came out in February 2007 but because this is an NIS America/Gust game and came out as a box set (comes with art book), many stores don't order many and the game are delisted and can't get it anymore. Hopefully you can find it at a Gamestop, Software Etc. or EB but I would get it now while you can because certain NIS/Gust and Atlus games tend to shoot up in price or never go down in price (even for a used copy).
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