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from IGN:
Closing Comments
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King may not be the most original RPG on the block, but it doesn't have to be -- it does the standard stuff so well that it doesn't feel so standard anymore. To be totally upfront, I haven’t played an RPG all year that's had me this excited to see what happens next as Dragon Quest VIII has... even if I could figure out what that "next" was probably going to be.

If anything, this goes to show you that you don't always have to do something revolutionary to be great. As long as you capture what's most important (re: being fun) that's all that really matters. Dragon Quest VIII does just that, and it does so with a sense of humor, an excellent style, and enough gameplay to last you more than a hundred entertaining hours. RPG of the year? Most definitely.
I remember someone telling me that the story is weak and theres alot of enemy encounters other than that its cool. (I never played it)
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