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Originally Posted by TiAgUh View Post
The only FF tactics i played was for GameBoy Advance.. was cool but the plot was too simple.
If you like Strategy RPG's then try Fire Emblem, great game from the same creators of Advance Wars:
Problem is , i only have PS1 and PS2 , Fire Emblem i believe is for neither system.

Originally Posted by TiAgUh View Post
if you liked ff tactics advance you should try Tactics Ogre, same thing with more depth and a serious story:
Doesn't Tactics ogre actually predates final fantasy tactics , i know that they have ogre battle & tactics ogre first , then final fantasy tactics afterwards in the PS1.

My favorite strategy RPG in the PS1 is actually


They had a grand edition for the game in Japan which had anime cutscenes (you can see some of the clips on youtube) but that edition was never picked up for US which is damn shame as i liked this game. The graphics are perhaps outdated now but you can never beat the thrill of seeing your monsters get upgraded after leveling up, i.e your ghoul upgraded into vampire and then upgraded into vampire lord or your plain vanilla dragon turned into a fearsome fire dragon etc.
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