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Originally Posted by TiAgUh View Post
Good? Probably just one minigame, the Guitar minigame (its where guitar hero was born )

Some people loved it (, some hated it (90%). Me? Hated it but then again.. my ex-girlfriend gave it to me .. free stuff.
Now i miss it, it was the 1st and only game that took me 1 year to finish (pretty difficult). the way, it was the 1st RPG realesed for PS2
No wonder it still looks like it's from PS1 , probably finished for PS1 and realised that PS2 already came out and quickly port it to PS2.

Not a fan of guitar hero , so won't be interested anyway. 1 year ? I don't think i can play for one year , i would have dump it after a month at the most if it's proving too difficult.

Back to the topic , how about Saiyuki : Journey West for PS1 ? Currently replaying it again , a RPG/Strategy. Very much in the veins of Final Fantasy tactics (although not quite as good)

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