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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

My God! What an awful movie! I wasn't a fan of the first movie, but I did have a feeling that this movie would be better. How can't it not be better with an amazing superhero like the Silver Surfer and a planet eating bad guy?

Yeah I was wrong... I don't hate the movie but I was really really disappointed with the depiction of SS.

Damn, are there any scriptwriters who actually know the background material?

By biggest problems:

- Writers didn't do the SS any justice. They never showed how powerful the SS really is! SS was reduced to almost a mere mortal who's faith was in the hands of a torturer. Come on! You can do better than that!
- The SS's board is NOT the source of his power! When he was knocked off his board, my friend walked out of the theater. Yeah, he was devastated
- Julian McHamon is really miscast as Dr Doom. I still laugh my ass off when Dr Doom speaks. Why cast a metrosexual man (nothing wrong with that btw ) lacking a powerful voice, in the role of one of the most powerful bad guys in the Marvel universe? Didn't like him in the first movie, but in FF2 he is even worse!
- Jessica Alba also miscast. Loved her in Sin City, but she can't pull off a Mrs. Fantastic
- Galactus as a big ass cloud? What's up with that?
- SS destroying Galactus? SS only got a small fraction of the power of Galactus. He could never destroy the all mighty Galactus!

This movie had a really bad script and way too many plotholes and is IMHO as bad as the first movie! I'm done with FF. Hopefully the Silver Surfer spin-off will have a better script and a director who takes his job seriously

Yeah, I was really disappointed!

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