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Die Hard 4.0

It might be a Die Hard watered down for a teenage audience, a young sidekick and less swearing etc. However it is still chock full of amazing stuntwork and Bruce Willis is great as John McLean.

Leave you brains at the door and revel in the inoffensive rollercoaster ride that is Die Hard 4.0.

Great fun.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

A dark and more adult film than the previous ones. Harry is all alone as he is accused of lying about Voldemorts return, ignored by Dumbledore, despised ny most of his peers and suffering weird disturbing dreams. While Hogwarts turns into some kind of concentration camp Harry forms an army of students to fight back.

They did a great job distilling the doorstep of a novel into a 2 hour movie and still give you something you havn't seen before in the Harry Potter series.

Big magic battles and the usual great CGI (apart from one shonky giant) make it a great movie worth seeing.
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