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If you sign up for the boards, you can PM the author and ask him for the reason behind the lock.

As for conversations being locked unfairly by mods, I wouldn't call it cruel. Game in progress threads get locked frequently because they get bumped by people months, and in some cases years, after the last post asking for an update. In most cases, these games have been long since canceled and forgotten by there creators. It's logical to lock these threads to prevent them taking up space on the front page that could go to a game that's actually in development. Other times, game in progress threads get locked because they don't follow the forum rules in the first place that require two in-game screenshots, story summary, and some progress report. Those rules are there to prevent the frequent posts to the tune of, "Hi, my name's Dick! Nice to meet you! I started working on a game. It's called Crazy Bill and the Mystery of the Stuff. I hope it will be good!" Seriously, we get those all the time.

In other parts of the forum like the general discussion board, threads get locked when they're pointless, already covered by another existing thread, or have devolved into the standard internet thread full of insults and slurs.

I don't think those rules are unfair. They make the forum a much better place to go when you're looking for games, or just a good discussion because it weeds out the crap. It has also happened in the past that someone has PMed a mod to unlock a thread with a good reason, and it will be unlocked for further discussion. It's not an unfair or difficult system. The forums are actually quite welcoming as long as you don't insult people unnecessarily. Necessary insults welcome!
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