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This actually put in a place a big question (for me) - why their admins/mods are so... cruel?

One of the things I dislike the most in bigbluecup forums is that their moderators and their rules are too strict. Which, normally, drives back people from posting on their forum. Some of their rules are so stupid that no normal conversation can be made. For example, if you post something concerning specific thing in a game in a topic for a work in progress project which, normally, can also be little critic, than comes DarkManab and locks the whole thread! Why? Because "it's not the critic lounge here"?!? So dull. And why if someone is making something fun in a topic, the holy mod/admin decided it's not funny and delete it or try to change the direction of the topic? I mean there are the rules, but something funny won't harm anybody. Instead, it will make the thread more interesting and fun to read. You can't be always strictly on a subject, right?

And there are more and more of those dull decisions of their mods and admins... Oh come on! The must be more freedom or it will be boring and annoying.
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