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Originally Posted by Wormsie View Post
But people seem to be content with AGS so there's probably nothing too much wrong with it, for them at least - I would never use AGS in its current stage.
Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
Wormsie, whatever your issue is with AGS, there's a reasonable chance that it's fixed in the latest release.
Originally Posted by Wormsie View Post
Do you mean that whatever I want to do, I, and everybody else, should use AGS?
Yes, that's clearly a sane and reasonable interpretation of what I wrote.

How about something more along the lines of "If you would 'never use AGS in its current stage', you must have found some flaw with it when you tried it (assuming your antipathy has a rational basis). Given that many of the most often remarked-upon problems with AGS have been addressed in recent releases, there's a reasonable chance (though no certainty, of course) that whatever your issue was, it has been fixed."
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