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Originally Posted by TiAgUh View Post
niiiiiice.. unfortunately ive never played a suikoden i ask you again which suikoden should I play 1st? and whats so good about the game?
Probably the wrong person to ask , i only played part 1. It was pretty fun while it lasted. It's part RPG , part strategy. You have different modes of play , once you build a castle to house your heroes in and start to expand it, you will also engage in epic armies battle . I probably need to refresh and played it again.
All the suikoden series should have the same concept , the storylines might be different , characters might be different but everyone of them should have you gathering the 108 different heroes for your army. You have to decide which heroes you want in your party as each of them offers a different skill & ability once you decide to go out adventuring to look for more of the heroes.

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