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Originally Posted by TheTwelve View Post
The one thing that I really think AGS could use is hardware acceleration. My current project is 320x240 (again, for reasons of time and resources, not engine limitation) but if I make a higher-res game next, as my previous two games were, I'll probably move to another engine. My last game, Linus, tends to bog down on slower computers thanks to the multiple transparency effects on the screen at once -- something WME's hardware acceleration, in hindsight, would likely have taken care of. I've used WME and find it capable, but a little more complicated to use than AGS. I'm also considering Torque after I finish my current game.
The other big thing missing from AGS (probably related to lack of hardware acceleration) that I think is having noticeable impact on some games is smooth scaling of alpha channel sprites. Having to choose between the two is a pretty tough dilemma. I was playing Nelly Cootalot the other day, and couldn't help but think how much prettier it would be if the character edges were anti-aliased.

Other than that, it has always seemed like support for multiple developers has been poor, but with the addition of modules and now the source control integration and text-based resource files, things are looking a lot better on that front. I think that will make a big difference to the viability of larger team projects and maybe even further commercial games.
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