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Originally Posted by TiAgUh View Post
Should I start with Silver Star Story or Eternal blue?
In terms of overall package , Eternal Blue is much better , it has much more anime cutscenes , better music , possibly better story and more voiceovers than Silver Star Story. SSS only has 2 disc , Eternal Blue has 3 !

I myself started with Eternal Blue and you can play it as a standalone with no problem , though the story itself in Eternal Blue does makes references to stuffs that happened in SSS but it isn't complicated so you can easily understand what happened. Eternal Blue story is set 1000 years after SSS.

However ,you should start from the beginning for a better overall experience of the world of Lunar , i would recommend SSS first.

Luna boat song from the first game

Here's a interesting video about the making of Lunar : silver Star Story
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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