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Originally Posted by jedicri View Post
Die Hard 4 (I know that's not the title but it's too long to type out, lol).

Highly entertaining for a summer blockbuster --- leave your troubles behind the doors and just enjoy!

Humour, action, and more action.... I love McClane's reaction when he has his butt handed to him by Maggie Q's character.... got a few chuckles from the audience, including myself.

Now I'm stoked to re-watch the first 3 Die Hard in the coming weeks......
Also saw Die Hard 4 and absolutely loved it. Great over the top hard hitting action sequences (helicopter meets car sequence), lots of one-liners and a hot asskicking chick

Not so much fun but pretty impressive to watch: When The Leeves Broke by Spike Lee

Pretty amazing 4 hour documentary about hurricane Katrina and the way the American government and FEMA work.

Man, I felt really depressed after seeing the first 2 parts...
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