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I also just got to see Ratatouille and loved it. I put it pretty high up y list of Pixar movies actually. Below the Toy Stories and Monsters Inc., but above The Incredibles and Cars (which, although I did enjoy it, remains at the bottom). I'll agree with everyone about the
tasting of the ratatouille
... amazingly well done. Some other strong plusses for me:

- Another awesome score by Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Lost, etc.). The 'Paper Chase' track sounds a bit A-Team by the way
- Peter O'Toole -- Always extremely great, in my opinion
- Brad Bird - I love all of his movies, basically.
- 'Lifted' -- this year's Pixar short. I liked it a little less than Geri's Game, my reigning favorite, but it's still pretty high up there for me.
- Will Arnett -- Because he is G.O.B.

For those who follow such Pixar oddities... this film's obligatory John Ratzenberger cameo was:
the Waiter

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