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The story - wonderful. I was getting weepy on more than one occasion but it was also so incredibly funny (I think the physical actions of the characters were the funniest. I don't think they were going for a lot of funny lines necessarily). It also could have been very cliched and shallow and it definitely wasn't. I loved that the story revolved around cooking. They consulted with chefs at The French Laundry.

The characters - incredible. They had some well known actors doing the voices but you wouldn't have known it. Very well done characterization (and again, no cliches).

The setting - gorgeous. There was such incredible attention to detail not only in the kitchen but the views of Paris were breathtaking. I know squat about camera shots but it seems that directors of animation can get views of things that would be very difficult in real life.

I love how Remy washed his hands before he cooked.

The rats were so cute.

Originally Posted by SoccerDude28 View Post
I just watched today Ratatouille. Best Pixar movie ever?
I'm bad at comparing movies with different story lines but it was incredible! Wait, did I say I loved Ratatouille? The DVD is definitely getting purchased when it comes out. It was directed by Brad Bird, the same guy who did The Iron Giant and The Incredbles.
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