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despite being slightly disturbed at the monopoly of AGS as opposed to other adventure game making engines.
I'm not sure you can complain about a monopoly on free games by a free game engine. Remember, when people make free games, everyone wins!

AGS isn't hurting the hobbyist adventure scene by being used by so many people. Rather, its ease of use is leading to it being used by so many people which leads to a stronger, more productive hobbyist adventure scene. And some of those users may decide to move on to another engine if they feel that the AGS engine's technical shortfalls are holding them back.

But the technical shortfalls like lower resolutions and lack of 3d support aren't an issue to most people who just want to make a game that entertains. Higher technical specs just mean a longer period of development and more work for someone who isn't getting any financial return for their time.

I've got to agree with pretty much everything Brisk Nap has said in this thread and thank him for mentioning my game, Linus, which is a good example of how AGS's robust scripting language can be used to create games that are far, far from the norm.
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