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Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
I'll grant you straight away that we write more often about AGS games than games made with other engines. Why is that? Because there are many times more AGS games to write about. Let's see... I just did a feature on six recent Underground games. All were made in AGS, and all were released between May 31 and now (not by any means all the AGS games released during that time, I hasten to add). How many games made with any of the other engines were released in the same time period? As far as I can tell: none. In fact, the most recent non-AGS Underground game I can find is What Makes You Tick, released back around May 6. And before that you have to go back to February. Given that reality, how are we not supposed to write more about AGS games?
I'm sure that's entirely correct.

Well, 19/22 votes for any game, any engine, is certainly good. Before we got into this lengthy exchange on the widespread use of AGS, we were discussing whether or not a player would be more inclined to play games on *his (or her) engine*. I'm glad to see overwhelming support for all games, despite being slightly disturbed at the monopoly of AGS as opposed to other adventure game making engines.

Hey! Someone voted for option 5! Wtf?
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