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Myself, I use Point and Click Development Kit. I like it because it is drop and drag, easy to use and the script is easy for me. I would sooner poke myself in the eye with a fork than script, I hate it with a passion. It's the part of game making that turns me off the most. I've had friends not talk to me anymore and treat me like I didn't even exist because I use P&C DK. I have people who won't even come on my site because I display their banner.

Does it really make that much of a difference what engine the game is made in. I love freeware indie games because I know all the hard work, frustration and effort that goes into making these games. I never trash anyone's work. I think freeware indie developers are the best, my hats off to every one of them. I would play any free game, I find the best in them because you can see that the work comes right from the heart. We should praise these people who take the time to give us something for nothing. All they ask in return is that we enjoy their work. Sorry for sounding too preachy, that's just how I feel.
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