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Originally Posted by jacog View Post
While there are many good games created with AGS, I always assume that an AGS game will have really amateurish low res graphics... using a resolution that should have been retired more than 15 years ago. I do realise that this is not always true though.
There are many AGS games with crappy graphics, probably mainly because it's the most popular engine and many people find it the easiest to use. Some of the games that look bad are crappy, and others are actually really good despite the poor graphics.

You need to distinguish between amateurish art and low resolution, though. In fact, crappy art in high resolution is a typical newbie error.

What I think it more interesting is to look at the higher end of the curve. There are quite a few Underground and indie games in low-resolution 320x200 (or 320x240) whose graphics are essentially professional quality. That is to say, they look as good (or nearly as good) as commercial games of the same resolution. (Like The Infinity String, Knightsquire, the Apprentice series, Cedric and the Revolution, The Blackwell Legacy, No-Action Jackson, etc.) On the other hand, how many high resolution amateur adventures could be mistaken for a commercial, professional title? Not many. (Some that are under development, though, like Rise of the Hidden Sun and Kaptain Brawe. The higher resolution graphics are probably one of the reasons they're still under development.)

Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
AGS is mailnly aimed at retro-adventuring, I think. At least, that's what seems to be its reputation. Higher resolution is possible, but not above 640x480, I think. I'm not really sure. But that's fine. Lots of people prefer the low res out of nostalgia, and honestly some of those games have been awesome. Just look at some of the Sierra game remakes (KQ1, KQ3).
AGS supports resolutions up to 800x600. While there is certainly a major nostalgia component to many of the games, there are also a lot that are as modern as possible, or at least have moved away completely from the classic VGA look (for example, look at Earl Mansin: The Breakout, What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed and READY). And, as you say, many of the low-resolution games have been awesome, whether they are fan games (you missed KQ2, which I think is the best one) or completely original.

Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
This is true most of the time, which really squeezes out CMI-style games. Whether developers are trying to channel the spirit of gaming past, or hide the flaws with their crappy graphics, I don't know.
AGS does not squeeze out "CMI-style" game.s The engine can easily handle CMI's resolution (only 640x480), with a higher color-depth to boot, not to mention effects like alpha-blending and antialiasing, and there are loads of people who would love nothing more than to play a game that looked like CMI. The reason why you don't see many "CMI-style" games is simply that most people aren't as talented as Bill Tiller.

While it's nice for artists to stretch their abilities, the results are usually better when they realize their limitations, and work within those restrictions. If you can't pull of a CMI-style background, it's probably best to go with something simpler. There's nothing wrong with that.
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