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Originally Posted by Squinky
That said, those damn AGS people can get pretty cliquey at times...
...Which is the main reason why I created this thread.

Originally Posted by jacog
I agree with what King Bluetooth above me said, but I must admit, I do have some preconceived ideas about some engines... well, maybe one... While there are many good games created with AGS, I always assume that an AGS game will have really amateurish low res graphics... using a resolution that should have been retired more than 15 years ago. I do realise that this is not always true though.
This is true most of the time, which really squeezes out CMI-style games. Whether developers are trying to channel the spirit of gaming past, or hide the flaws with their crappy graphics, I don't know.

This is quite a problem, too, as AGS inarguably is huge, and has a monopoly on all amateur adventure game creation.

Originally Posted by Thaurin
The next question is: how much does the average player know about the different engines, really?
I would certainly imagine so. Amateur adventure gaming is a very small and isolated community, and the majority of players are, in fact, game creationists themselves.
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