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Default So, are you prejudiced? (Free game engine popularity)

In a hypothetical scenario, we have four alternate universes.

Each one deals with a single amateur adventure game.

The screenshots and story look good. They look great. But it's not in *your* engine, so you won't bother with it.

Or will you?

I pose this question, of whether or not amateur adventure game lose publicity, because the developer chose an unpopular engine. Suppose we have one adventure game. In one universe, it's in AGS. You'll download it, because you like to keep up on all cool games in that engine. In the second Universe, it's in Wintermute, and you'll play it, because that's almost as good as AGS. In the third Universe, it's in LASSIE, so you'll avoid it. In our final Universe, the game is in Game Maker, and you aren't familiar with Game Maker, so you pass it up, even though it looks cool. Yes?
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