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Default Incident At ROANOKE

I was about to join this site but found out that I was already a member. I am close to the completion of Incident At ROANOKE a free game for whoever would like to play it.

It's a traditional old style point and click adventure about a young freelance artist and history buff with an obsession for the macabre. He starts having a series of bad dreams sent by unknown spirits who steer his destiny to 15th century Roanoke. In his journey he meets up with a lovable old bookstore keeper who helps him go back in time to Roanoke where he meets and falls for a girl who he has to save and find out why the people of Roanoke disappeared without a trace.

I'm working on the last video and graphics for the game. Then everything will go into the game engine, tested then released. I'm hoping to release it this summer but you never know what could come up. This is inside the fictional Prague Observatory. This is one of the pics from the game. Hope you enjoy it as well as the game. Cheers.
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