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Originally Posted by Jelena View Post

Step, where are your manners? And emotional woman needs an arm around her shoulders and a comforting: - I understand.

Hrm...why won't the forum let me pan him?
< puts an arm around Jelena's shoulders.

I understand.


Worked for me without any problem. Tut! Women pan operators!!!


Thought I'd save some time there.

Originally Posted by aries323 View Post
I have just watched Transamericana --- a very good film about a very emotional woman who is ---- well, the title gives it sort of away

And she could have used the arm around her should and a soft 'I understand' in ears once or twice in her life...

Very good movie. I can't believe I didn't watch it sooner...

Give the main character a golden globe, an oscar, if they haven't already done that. The person portraying the main character is doing a really outstanding job...
That would be Felicity Huffman who also (IMHO) did sterling work in Desperate Housewives.
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