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Originally Posted by jacog View Post
Now you're just being harsh... there are far worse things to complain about... like when George decided that the force would no longer be a mystic energy field, but rather something caused by a micro-organism called medichlorians... which, incidentally, sounds like one of those made up ingredients they always put in hair shampoo... you now... "New L'Oreal Plentitude... Now with Medichlorians (TM)"
So, with the right shampoo, I can become a Jedi? Excellent!

I found all three of the "earlier" episodes disappointing (I actually fell asleep during Attack of the Clones) Watching these films was almost as bad as watching remakes of some classics.
Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
Can't a woman be a little emotional on these forums without being lectured with reason and reality, damn it!
Woman being emotional alert!! Run for your lives!!!!!!

Oh, I am so dead when Jelena, Mel, Squinky, Jazhara7 and a whole host of other women see that. Fortunately I think I can avoid Mrs Urhan reading it.
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