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Originally Posted by Not A Speck Of Cereal View Post
I hate to invoke reality when it comes to fantasy films, but them floating around on rocks riding down lava flows that are thousands of degrees simply YANKED me into the world of disbelief.
Oh I hate it when my feelings are being stepped on like that Specksie.
I can agree that the lava flow was too much, but I was talking about the part where Anakin is lying on the ground, defeated by Obi -wan and Obi-wan says something about them being brothers and Anakin screams I hate you.

In moments like that I forget about all the too much sword fighting and in this case unlikely scenario of a lava flow and two persons on the same piece of junk. It's ridiculous I know, but my heart flows over with compassion for the hateful, lost young man lying there.
Can't a woman be a little emotional on these forums without being lectured with reason and reality, damn it!

I'm not all that serious here Specksie, just a little......
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