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Eh, don't really know what to say. It was a free showing today, so I jumped on the chance of a free movie, even though I don't know much about Transformers. I've seen about one or two episodes of one of the tv-series and had a friend when I was seven who owned some transformers, but not much more.

Have to say the cgi effects are stunning, seeing the transformers transform is quite a sight, and the ending was actually not what I expected, but I felt that I was watching a children's movie with grown-up action. The plot was very black and white, with some plot holes (but then again explaining alien robots isn't especially easy to do believable either), but in the end I enjoyed the 2 and a half hour film, without being bored or confused.

And I finally got an explanation to why there were some evil and some good robots on earth fighting each other in the series..
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