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I am SOOOO pissed off at eBay right now, I can barely sit still!

I had a camcorder for sale that was doing AWESOME. The camcorder included extras, such as a large, silver Sony carrying case designed for that exact camera model, and an Optex anamorphic lens (which is a very expensive bonus).

Anyway, it was a 7 day auction. There was only 1 day and 5 hours left. Bidding was already up to $1,009 and set to go much higher, I had 58 watchers on this auction and 450 views! It was going SOOOO well!

And eBay CANCELLED my auction because they, in their fucked up wisdom, deemed that my shipping costs were "excessive" at $49.99. WHAT?! Are they not aware that this is a large, heavy item that will be shipping in a much LARGER silver case? It makes me even more furious that other people selling the same item, MINUS the case, are asking $45 or so for shipping!

This makes NO sense. And no matter what eBay does to try and apologize later, they can't give me back my auction that was kicking so much ass. All of the bidders have received cancellation notices, with no explanation to save my reputation I assume. eBay had the nerve to say that my shipping costs were a method to "Circumvent eBay fees"!!! Ugh... Screw this.
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