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I just finished Trace Memory (aka Another Code), and have just started a game of Hotel Dusk Room 215. I love these split screen adventures.

I've been playing the USA version of Elite Beat Agents but I can't get past the Jamiroquai/Canned Heat level - I _swear_ the screen is out of sync with the music on this level as I've had no trouble at all getting up to that point. The 'Material Girl' level was awesome.

I've also got Puzzle Quest, Advance Wars Dual Strike and Magical Starsign on the go. I definitely prefer games that make good use of the pen/touch screen on the DS as I have a DS Lite and my hands, sadly are just too big to play platformer games like Castlevania, or Mario 64. I cannot touch the L and R keys at the same time making use of the d-pad and the xyab buttons.

As an xbox lover its also a mental chore using the xyab's as they're reversed from their layout on the xbox controller.
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